Chanel Le Vernis

Les Khakis, 509 Paradoxal or last year's 505 Particuliere?

I'm going with 505 for now, since 509 is not available in Budapest yet... no comment on that one.


What do you think about the new colours?


Karl, my love!

Dear Herr Lagerfeld!

I think I'm in love with you.. No! I KNOW I'm in love with you! hahaha..
Everything you designed is absolutely gorgeous, I love the headband, the skinny pants, the jackets, the black and white colours, the body hugging tops and dresses.. Thank you for this wonderful collection!


la semaine de la mode - 6 mars

Yesterday we could see very feminine collections, some looks were truly disappointing (look at that hat from Viktor&Rolf) but others were very wearable, basic but chic at the same time and I loved them!


la semaine de la mode

It's Paris fashion week and the Chanel show is scheduled to be on my birthday!

I am amused by the Balenciaga collection I like the pastel colours they used, but my favorite look is still the black and white oversized top.
As for Balmain, the white fur coat is really gorgeous and I also love those trousers! Amazing.. I just wish I were in Paris right now.


My very first post

Hello Everyone!

Today I finally decided to start my own blog as my fashion obsession is what my life is nowadays about. I'd like to blog about my daily style, about fashion in Eastern Europe, my travels and my personal opinions about fashion. Hope you enjoy it!