la semaine de la mode - 5 mars 2010


Roland Mouret

RM by Roland Mouret: This collection is simply perfect.
I am deeply in love with the texture and colours he used, and the volume and the draping he created are
absolutely amazing.
The hoods look great and the leather sleeves are also interesting in a good way.
The shoes look elegant, you can match them basicly with anything, it is a really good choice-
I love this collection, with pieces like this you can achieve a perfect business look without having to dress boring.

LANVIN : The all black ensembles look great, I would love to wear those dresses, but I'm not sure about the coats though. Some of them are way too oversized and it can be really unflattering for skinny people.
I have mixed feelings about this collection, I really like the simply LBDs at the beginning, but the last dresses are overdone. I like the leather and the studs they used at some outfits, but the feathers and the shiney, metallic looking texture is not my favorite.

Christian Dior: The plaid blazers and the trousers are really gorgeous, John Galliano is a genious, it doesn't require farther explanation.
Vivienne Westwood: As always, it is a collection you can eigther love or hate. I'm personally not a fan, it's way too wild for me, but I still like the blues she used.


  1. Thank you! I also liked that black jumpsuit with the studded belt =)